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Chair – David Morse

Vice-chair – Patricia Claffey

Treasurer – Rick James

Secretary – Judith L. Scranton

Member at Large – Michael J. Murphy

President & CEO

Bobette A. Schrandt

Board Members

Susan Cope

Ron Daly

Lucy Diebolt

Margaret LaTegola Graff

Judy Herzog

Samuel Lee Larioza, Jr.

Kate Lowry

Rev. Dan Michalek

Mary Millar

Carla O’Malley

Jackie Rogers

Kathryn Rusak

Karen Swieczkowski

Maria Stuart

William J. Vailliencourt, Jr. 

Valerie Webster

Peggy Weingartz

Auxiliary Members

LeeAnn Adams, PhD

Peggi Bourke

Renee Chodkowski

Lilith Dorr

Danielle Maj

Mona Shand

Emeritus Members

Heidi Clausnitzer

Bonnie J. Miller

Carol Rearick

Rev. David Swink


LACASA Staff Insight

Why Children Don’t Tell: Sandusky case sheds light on complexities of child sexual abuse

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is updated regularly in the footnote section, which provides links to ongoing news about the Penn State Scandal and its aftermath. By Robin L. O’Grady with Nicole Matthews-Creech The conviction of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky captured the nation’s attention and cast a spotlight on an endless question: […]