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CASA Program Named Award Recipient

CASA Supervisor Sara A. Applegate, J.D.

CASA Supervisor Sara A. Applegate

The Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office has announced that the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program at LACASA has been selected to receive this year’s Above and Beyond Award for exceptional work on behalf of crime victims.

Sara A. Applegate, J.D., supervisor of the LACASA-CASA program, is named as the award recipient. In addition, 25 CASA volunteers will receive awards for their service.

CASA is a national program that advocates for children in foster care or the family court system. The local LACASA-CASA program helps abused and neglected children from Livingston County.

Under the direction of Applegate, specially-trained volunteers for CASA advocate for children who cannot return home because it is not safe. These volunteers may be the only consistent adult in the child’s life and serve as the child’s “voice” in legal, court and foster care matters.

The ultimate goal of CASA is to secure safe, loving and permanent homes for these children. 

The Above and Beyond Award, a tradition that began in 2008, is presented annually. According to William J. Vailliencourt, Livingston County prosecuting attorney, Applegate and the LACASA-CASA volunteers are being recognized for their “exceptional service on behalf of crime victims.”

“During the past year,” Vailliencourt said, “Sara and her team of volunteers have demonstrated a concern and commitment that went beyond merely doing their jobs.”

The LACASA-CASA alliance is unique, said Applegate. “We are fortunate that LACASA saw the need to advocate for the most vulnerable children from the community. Our partnership helps children who have nowhere else to turn.”

An awards ceremony and reception will be held Wednesday, April 24, at 11 a.m. in the Judicial Center in Howell. Applegate and 25 CASA volunteers will be presented awards at the event which is being held during National Crime Victims Week.

“We are honored that the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is recognizing the work of CASA,” Applegate said. “Our volunteers dedicate long hours to advocate for children in the family court system. They truly make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children from Livingston County.”

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