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Children & Youth Services

We provide a safe place to heal, learn and grow

Our specially-trained clinicians design unique programs for children and teens who are survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

In addition to individual counseling, LACASA Center offers age-specific support groups that help children and teens understand that they are not alone and they are not to blame for the abuse in their lives.

Our children’s center includes counseling and play-therapy rooms, arts and crafts areas, and a large outdoor playscape.

This unique facility was designed with child-height windows, which give children a physical and psychological view of the outside world at their level. This small feature offers big emotional rewards, providing children with a sense of openness, importance and empowerment.

We provide a number of services and activities to eliminate self-blame, enhance self-esteem, spark creativity, and nurture each child’s talents and abilities, including:

  • Individual Counseling and Support Groups
  • Arts and Crafts Programs—including a 4-H program
  • Special Activity Days—fun field trips and educational outings
  • Visiting Role-Models—volunteer mentors provide inspiration at special events
  • Family Fun Celebrations—festive gatherings to brighten children’s lives

Your donations allow us to provide all programs and services for children and teens at no charge

LACASA Staff Insight

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