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Seminars Set for College-Bound Students

College Safe SeminarCollege-bound students from Livingston County are invited to attend two free “College Safe” seminars this month on sexual assault awareness and prevention. The events are hosted by LACASA Center.

The College Safe seminars will be held:

  • Monday, July 28, from 1 – 3:30 p.m. at Brighton District Library
  • Thursday, July 31, from 5 – 7:30 p.m. at Howell Carnegie Library

The focus of the College Safe seminars is to increase student awareness about sexual assault risks and to gain self-protection information.  

Discussion topics include:

  •  Defining various types of sexual assault
  •  Breaking myths and assumptions about sexual assault
  •  Learning about drug-facilitated sexual assaults
  •  Gaining empowerment tools to protect oneself or a friend
  •  Learning about prevention services on college campuses

Light snacks will be provided. LACASA also will hand out resources and provide giveaways.

The College Safe program is directed by Kayla Dillon, LACASA’s Youth Prevention Educator. A recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Dillon conducts many of LACASA’s educational programs for teens and young adults throughout Livingston County.

“Everyone has the right to set physical boundaries and limits. But, that is not always the message women learn in our culture,” Dillon said. “Being educated on sexual assault risks cannot only protect you, but it could help you protect a friend.”

Dillon emphasized that the victim is never to blame for an assault. “Unfortunately, sexual assault victims often blame themselves, and society often blames them too,” said Dillon. “Assault is a crime, not a choice.” 

One goal of the seminar is to increase student awareness about situations that could leave them in vulnerable situations.

“We want to help college students become aware of potential risks that could lead to an assault,” Dillon said. “The more information we have about how to prevent an assault, the safer we will be.”

It is important, said Dillon, that students understand the myths about sexual assailants. ” More than 90% of the time a perpetrator is someone the victim will know, and may even love and trust. It is not the stranger in the alley or the person following too close behind them,” said Dillon.

The “College Safe” seminars are open to new college students as well as students currently enrolled in college. 

Students are invited to learn more and get involved at our Campus Safe Facebook page >> 

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