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Hartland-Deerfield Firefighters Helping Us!

The Hartland Deerfield Firefighters Association is inviting communities across Livingston County to participate in a “Season of Giving” to collect goods for LACASA.

“We are asking everyone to collect basic goods that LACASA uses every day,” said Sgt. Jim Petrucci, president of the HDFA.

“LACASA provides shelter, services and programs for hundreds of children and adults each year,” Petrucci said.

“Things they need that are in high demand include laundry detergent, toilet tissue, bottled water, and many items for children,” said Petrucci. 

The HDFA has posted LACASA’s “Wish List” at their fire departments, which provides a list of basic needs for infants, toddlers, children and adult survivors.

“LACASA does so much to help abused children and vulnerable adults in our community,” said Petrucci. “Our association wanted to find a way to help this organization that works around the clock 365 days a year to provide help for people from our community who are in need.”

HDFA will have donation boxes set up at their stations in Hartland and Deerfield where people may drop off items. Main stations taking donations are: 

  • Hartland Fire Department, Station 61, 3205 Hartland Road, Hartland
  • Hartland Deerfield Fire Department, Station 63, 4492 Center Road, Linden

The association will conclude this year’s collection drive on December 20, and will be delivering donated goods to LACASA in time for the holiday.

For more information about the Season of Giving, contact Sgt. Petrucci at 810-632-7676 or HDFA board member Tamara Johnston at

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