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About Our Crisis Shelter

Our 20-bed shelter offers survivors and their children a home-like setting in times of severe crisis.

Residents of the LACASA Crisis Shelter live in private  or shared guest rooms where they can regain some sense of normalcy following a traumatic event.

Shared common rooms include a fully equipped community kitchen, large dining area, a living room, multimedia den, and a serenity room.

We provide our residents and their families with all food, essential clothing, toiletries, paper goods, children’s toys, school supplies, and other daily-living needs.

Shelter residents are not charged for these services. As with all LACASA’s programs, funding is only made possible through grants and generous individual donations.

Special Children’s Areas

Our kids’ play areas and art rooms have child-height windows, giving children a physical and psychological view of the outside world at their level.

This small feature offers big emotional rewards, providing children with a sense of openness, importance and empowerment.

We have an outdoor playscape and playground where children can swing, slide, climb, run, jump, and toss a ball. It is a colorful place that lets them be kids again.

LACASA Staff Insight

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