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LACASA earns national recognition

The latest issue of National Council Magazine features an article on LACASA and Livingston County’s “Community Child” approach to Trauma Informed Assessments.

This groundbreaking program is intended for at-risk youth who have experienced abuse in their lives and suffer from severe emotional disturbances.

We are proud of the team that spearheaded this innovative program. The Livingston County Trauma Informed Steering Committee oversees the initiative, which is housed at LACASA.

This collaborative team includes:  Elizabeth Stahl and Melanie Rea (LACASA); Matt Vergith (Community Mental Health); Kim Batsche-McKenzie (Wraparound Service Coordinator); Lindsay A. Beaudry (Community Collaborative Planner, HSCB); Dawn Bentley (Livingston Educational Service Agency); Karen Bergbower (Therapist); Jeanette Freeland (Department of Human Services); Juanita Lavender (Foster Parent); and Michelle Hill (Livingston County Juvenile Court).

The talented LACASA professionals who conduct Trauma Informed Assessments include: Megan McNeil, LLMSW; Ashley Young, LLMSW; and Melanie Rea, LLMSW.

You can download the National Council Magazine online by clicking here.


LACASA Staff Insight

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