LACASA Statistics

How We Helped in 2013

Domestic Violence Services

  • 4,751 nights of emergency shelter provided in our Crisis Shelter
  • 14,253 meals provided for Crisis Shelter residents
  • 2,633 calls answered on our 24-hour Help Line
  • 310 on-call crisis sessions conducted by our On-Call Response Team
  • 10,313 nights of housing provided through our New Transitions Housing Program
  • 310 adult survivors were provided clinical services
  • 150 child survivors were provided clinical services
  • 755 individuals received assistance from our Legal Advocacy Program
  • 539 nights of animal shelter provided at our Safe Pet Place

Sexual Assault Services & Counseling

  • 172 individuals were served by our Sexual Assault Response Center

Child Abuse Services

  • 213 forensic interviews were conducted by our Child Abuse Response Effort (CARE) Team
  • 233 children received counseling services and clinical group services
  • 84 individuals were served in the in-home program
  • 20 children received Trauma Assessments
  • 63 children served through our Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Progam

Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council Programs

  • 45 community education classes and awareness events hosted
  • 400 nurse-led Period of Purple Crying presentations in the schools
  • 4,029 participants took part in child abuse prevention classes and awareness events

Community Prevention & Family Education Services

  • 11,150 individuals served through community-wide programs
  • 88 presentation events conducted in the community for adults
  • 1,697 individuals reached through community education events
  • 260 classes conducted for teenagers in the schools
  • 8,134 teens reached through prevention and education classes
  • 102 individuals served by the Healthy Families in-home visiting program
  • 39 individuals served by the Strengthening Families program
  • 55 idividuals served by the Creating Lasting Family Connections program
  • 20 men participated in the eight-week Father’s Only parenting group
  • 28 individuals participated in the 10-week Nurturing Parenting program 
  • 262 children served by Project Success in the schools
  • 15 teens served during special 14-week life skills course
  • 99 individuals served by LACASA’s Parent Coach program

Domestic Abuse Intervention Program (DAIP)

  • 94 assailants (87 males, 7 females) participated in our assailant intervention program


  • 801 volunteers provided 23,248 hours of service for LACASA
LACASA Staff Insight

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