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LACASA Wish List

Our Needs

For Infants   Prev Cute Newborn

  • New HALO Sleep Sacks for infants to 12 months
  • Disposable diapers & wipes [Especially diapers size 5 & 6]
  • New infant rattles and educational toys
  • Baby monitors
  • New infant clothing
  • New “Pack ‘n Play” units with new sheets & quilts

Early Childhood

  • New Books: Cloth and board books for toddlers
  • New Toys: Educational toddler activity toys
  • New Clothing:  Outfits and pajamas for boys and girls age 24 months and up

Children & Youth Programs    lac art therapy

Drinks & Snacks: Juice boxes; individually wrapped snacks –crackers, cookies, pretzels, and chips; granola bars and microwave popcorn; fruit snacks and fruit roll-ups. 

Children’s Toys: Sturdy and durable new items including: trucks with trailers; Playskool and Fisher-Price educational toys for children of all ages; Lincoln Logs sets; Lego kits 

4-H Program: Woodworking sets; painting and drawing sets; paint brushes; artist sketch pads; small painting canvases

‘Legal Day’ Toys: We create “Court Bags” to keep children busy during long days spent awaiting legal proceedings. Items needed for our court bags are: electronic pocket games; small hand-held puzzles; small Lego kits; small activity books; Crayola “Color Wonder” kits for girls and boys; new card games; play-dough

Client & Shelter Needs 

Gift Cards (For: grocery stores and superstores; gasoline; fast food; craft stores)

L.E.T.S. bus tokens

New sweatsuits for women in all sizes

New underwear for women in all sizes

New flip-flops for women in all sizes

New winter boots for women in all sizes

Office Supplies: spiral notebooks; copy paper (white & color); 3-tab manila file folders; blue and black ink pens; sticky notes; two-pocket binder folders

Kitchen Items & Cleaning Supplies

Coffee, sugar and creamer

Food Items: Salad dressings (ranch), cooking oil; non-perishable food items like pasta, rice, spaghetti sauce, boxed macaroni & cheese, soups, and Ramen noodles 

Paper Products: Toilet tissue; paper towels; paper plates — large and small; plastic cups; napkins; plastic silverware

Plastic Bags: Kitchen-size garbage bags; large 30-gallon trash bags; large Ziploc baggies

Laundry: High-efficiency laundry soap or 1 oz. high-efficiency laundry pods

Kitchen: Liquid dishwasher detergent; pump hand soap; kitchen sponges; large bottles of hand sanitizer (for refills); large bottles of liquid hand soap (for refills)

Cleaning Supplies: Pine-Sol; disinfectant spray and disinfectant wipes for kitchens and bathrooms; Swiffer Wet Jet pad refills and liquid cleaner refills; toilet bowl cleaner; stainless steel cleaner; furniture polish; air fresheners (sprays & plug-ins); bleach; vinegar; Windex

Our “Safe Pet Place”

  • “Pet safe” ice melt (during winter months)
  • Kitty litter
  • Small pet collars
  • Dog leashes


  • Manual carpet sweepers
  • Dust busters
  • Good commercial vacuum with long cord

Note: Due to health and safety guidelines, as well as limited storage space, we are unable to accept donations of used toys, clothing, bedding or furniture. Thank you for your understanding.

We appreciate your support!

LACASA Staff Insight

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