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Catalog of Giving

Tooth Fairies & Birthdays

Make a special day brighter for a child living in our shelter.

A $75 donation will help us buy a gift, plan a little party, or arrange a nice dinner celebration.

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Safe Pet Care

We have two Safe Pet Place kennel rooms that enable shelter residents to keep their pets out of harm’s way.

A $85 donation will help provide food and supplies for one pet.

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Sweet Dreams

Our 20-bed shelter always needs twin-size sheets, comforters, pillows, and mattress pads.

A donation of $100 would allow us to buy one new bedding set.

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  New Arrival Basket

Victims and their children often arrive at our shelter with nothing.

Your donation of $150 would provide an arrival basket of pajamas, toiletries and basic clothing.

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Moving Forward

Transportation costs are one of the biggest concerns for our shelter and transitional housing families.

A donation of $200 will allow us to purchase four gas cards.

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Healthy Meals

Families living in our crisis shelter and housing units need help buying groceries.

Your donation of $300 would provide three families with grocery cards.

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Children’s Outings

We plan several day-long field trips each year for child abuse survivors.

A $400 gift would sponsor one major outing through our Children & Youth Program.

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 Holiday Celebrations

Many survivors and their children spend holidays at our shelter.

A gift of $500 would provide a special  holiday dinner—with all the trimmings—for 6 shelter families.

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Supply Shortage

We don’t take office supplies for granted. In fact, there are some sticky-note hoarders in this place!

Your donation of $60 would make us smile….and share.

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   Craving Coffee

Yes, our hard-working team of social workers, counselors, staff, and volunteers like to drink coffee.

A gift of $75 would keep us in java heaven for a month!

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 Soft Essentials

Our shelter residents, counseling clients and staff go through a lot of paper towels, restroom tissue, and cleaning products.

A gift of $125 would buy one month’s supply.

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Pricey Printing

Grants rarely cover the printing costs for our fundraising and public-awareness materials.

Your donation of $375 would allow us to print 1,000 brochures.

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LACASA Staff Insight

Why Children Don’t Tell: Sandusky case sheds light on complexities of child sexual abuse

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is updated regularly in the footnote section, which provides links to ongoing news about the Penn State Scandal and its aftermath. By Robin L. O’Grady with Nicole Matthews-Creech The conviction of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky captured the nation’s attention and cast a spotlight on an endless question: […]