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Work Skills Receives Family Friendly Award

Work Skills Corp Family Friendly Award Recipients

Rod Jones, President & CEO of Work Skills Corporation, with CAP Council members Kim Spinelli (left) and Terri Goloweski (right)

The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce and LACASA’s CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) Council presented the 2013 Family Friendly Award to Work Skills Corporation recently at the annual State of the Chamber awards luncheon.

Work Skills Corporation was honored for its implementation of technology that allows employees to be productive away from the office. 

The initiatives of this organization include such programs as cross-training and job sharing that provide flexibility to employees, enabling them to address the needs of their families while remaining productive and satisfied on the job.

The organization also offers daycare reimbursement, health care reimbursement, leaves of absence, flexible vacation, and the ability to borrow and carry over vacation time.

In addition, Work Skills Corporation identifies a member of its work family to receive extra help during the holiday season each year.

Donations from Work Skills and its staff are collected to assist the selected employee, whose family may be in need of additional support for one reason or another.

“Work Skills Corporation embodies the concept of family friendly employment, offering ongoing programs that benefit employees and their families and stepping up with extra support during times when employees are experiencing family hardship and crisis,” said Deanna Norris, LACASA’s CAP Council Director.

“These efforts reinforce for employees that family can and should be the number one priority in their lives,” Norris said.

Founded in 1973, Work Skills Corporation has been providing employment services to people with barriers to employment for 40 years. This nonprofit organization has offices in Ann Arbor and Brighton, Michigan.

For additional information on the Family Friendly Award or programs and services available through the CAP Council, please contact LACASA at (517) 548-1350.

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