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CASA Program Receives ‘Above & Beyond’ Award

AWARD RECIPIENTS: Our CASA team receives "Above & Beyond' awards

RECOGNIZED FOR DEDICATION: Our CASA team receives “Above & Beyond’ awards

LACASA’s Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program was awarded by the Livingston County Prosecutor’s office recently.

CASA Program Supervisor, Sara A. Applegate, J.D., along with 34 CASA volunteers were each presented with an Above and Beyond Award for their exemplary work.

As part of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Livingston County Prosecutor Bill Vailliencourt presented the awards to Applegate and the CASA group at a special awards ceremony and luncheon.

CASA volunteers receive special training and are appointed by a Livingston County judge to serve as the voice of children who cannot return home because it is not safe. These volunteers are dedicated to helping children who are in foster care or the family court system. In some cases, a CASA volunteer may be the only consistent adult in a child’s life.

The LACASA-CASA program currently oversees 29 cases involving more than 50 children who have been abused and neglected.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Prosecutor’s Office,” said Bobette Schrandt, president and CEO of LACASA. “The leadership in our legal and court systems in Livingston County has been instrumental in the success of this program.”

“Our volunteers spend months and many time years advocating for these children,” Schrandt said. “The ultimate goal of our CASA program is to find safe, nurturing and permanent homes for every child in the foster care system.”

CASA is a national organization. The LACASA-CASA program is locally directed and primarily funded through individual donations. 

“We look forward to growing the financial strength of our CASA program in Livingston County,” said Schrandt. “It is our intention to represent every child in the family court system. By providing help and hope for them now, we are investing in their future and in the future of our community.”

The CASA volunteers recognized were: Eric Aebersold, Colleen Albany, Daniel Allen, Julie Banish, Patti Bradley, Melanie Cattermole, Nicole Cawthra, Christine Clinton-Cali, Richard Cook, Susan Cope, Jenelle Cote, William Dubas, Pamela Flick, Nedra Gardner, Joy Grembo, Kathryn Groves, Sandy Hamparian, Aileen Heck, Pat Hughes, Marcia Jablonski, Caryn Johnecheck, Connie Johnson, Bill Lawrence, Tammy Metz, Kristine Powers, Luanne Schonfeld, Patrick Shankland, Nancy Smitz, Sharon Steinhauer, Laurie Stiers, C.J. Teahan, Linda Watzke, Valerie Webster and Terri Wright.

Learn more about the LACASA-CASA program >>

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