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‘Check the Box’ on Michigan Tax Returns

CAP CTF Boy 2.5.2015

LACASA’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council wants area residents to know they can help keep kids safe in Livingston County this tax season by adding a simple check mark to line #5 of Form 4642 on Michigan 2015 state income tax returns.

Donations made by local residents to the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) result in dollars coming directly back to support programs aimed at protecting children in Livingston County.

“We know how important it is to people that their donations are returned to their community and are used wisely,” said CAP Council Coordinator, Holly Naylor.

“In the last two years, for every dollar donated in Livingston County, CTF has turned those one-dollar donations into $42 which come back to LACASA’s CAP Council. 

“We appreciate the community’s generosity,” Naylor said. “The CAP Council uses these funds to conduct educational workshops, community outreach programs, and professional training sessions. Adults who are informed and aware about abuse can make a real difference in a child’s life.”

LACASA’s CAP Council is a designated local council of the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund. CTF is the only statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Each year, CTF provides grant funding for programs run by the CAP Council, as well as granting funds to other local councils across the state.

CTF tracks Form 4642 donations from each county. Donation increases over previous years are used to calculate increases in funding for each county during the next grant cycle. In simple terms, the more dollars donated by Livingston County residents, the greater the impact on local children and families.

“This is such a simple way to increase the funds available in our community to prevent child abuse and neglect. Contributions can be as little as five dollars, and every dollar makes a difference” said Naylor. “We are calling on our citizens to check the box, make a donation, and show the rest of the state how much Livingston County cares about its kids.”

LACASA’s CAP Council provides awareness programs throughout the community to help prevent child neglect, child abuse and child sexual abuse. Stewards of Children workshops and Mandated Reporting seminars are offered several times a year for professionals who work with children.

All 2015 donations are tax deductible, said Naylor. “Ask your accountant or tax professional to fill out Form 4642 this year, and take your contribution as a deduction next year.”

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