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LACASA & Child Abuse Prevention Council

Working Together to Prevent Child Abuse

LACASA Center and the Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council partner to provide impactful prevention and education programs throughout Livingston County.

Why Prevention?

Child abuse and neglect create suffering that can last a lifetime.

Children who are abused or neglected have an increased risk of a myriad of issues including mental illness, developmental disabilities, learning problems, social problems, teen pregnancy, lack of success in school, alcohol and drug use, domestic violence, and chronic illness.

Physical and emotional scars carried into adulthood can make it difficult for victims to become productive members of society and raise their own children in a safe, healthy way.

The full extent of damage caused by abuse and neglect is impossible to measure, as are the residual effects that can impact generations to come.

Financial Burden

In addition to the physical and emotional pain suffered by victims of abuse, there is also a substantial financial impact on the entire community.

The costs associated with medical and mental health services, law enforcement, the judicial system, public and private social services and non-profit agencies responding to abuse and neglect are astounding.

The estimated cost resulting from child maltreatment in the United States for 2007 was $104 billion.

Protecting Livingston County’s Children

Many people mistakenly assume that child abuse does not occur in Livingston County. The truth is that child abuse and neglect know no boundaries. They occur across all geographic areas and among members of all socioeconomic groups.

In 2009, there were 1,918 children in families investigated by Children’s Protective Services in Livingston County. Of those, 296 children were confirmed as being victims of abuse or neglect.

Programs aimed at teaching adults to prevent, recognize and respond appropriately to abuse and neglect are critical to protect our children, right here in Livingston County.

The Good News

Experts estimate that 85% of all abuse and neglect is preventable. Preventing abuse before it occurs is the focus of the Child Abuse Prevention Council.

Through education and public awareness, the CAP Council works to protect children from the pain and heartbreak of abuse and neglect so they can grow up happy, healthy and whole.

Prevention Programs

LACASA and the Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council provide extensive education and prevention programs including:

  • Stewards of Children
  • Mandated Reporter Training
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Workshop — The Period of Purple Crying
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Workshop
  • FASD Living — Support Group
  • Chester’s Solution
  • Annual CAP Kids’ Fair
  • Annual “Pinwheels for Prevention” Rally & Pinwheel Garden Planting
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