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Teaming Up to Investigate Child Abuse

The Child Abuse Response Effort (CARE) includes a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who are skilled at working with children and youth of all ages who are victims—or suspected victims— of traumatic abuse experiences.

We provide a safe, private and non-threatening environment for a child to be interviewed. 

The CARE team witnesses interviews from an adjoining room through a two-way mirror. CARE members include trained specialists from Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement and the Livingston County Prosecutors Office.

All interviews are conducted with the utmost sensitivity and recorded according to legally-required procedures.

The goals of the CARE team are to minimize the trauma to child victims and their families, reduce the number of duplicate interviews children must endure, and increase the rate of prosecution.

Once a case of abuse is established, the CARE team works to develop a proper path of police intervention, legal action, counseling treatment, and ongoing support.

We help children and families heal from the aftermath of abuse in a safe and nurturing setting. Please do not hesitate to call Child Protective Services or our Crisis Line if you suspect your child — or a child you know — is being abused.

LACASA provides support and will guide you — and your child — through the process of investigating and recovering from the trauma and heartache of abuse.


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