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Detroit News Features Our Safe Pet Place

Detroit News Photo By Brandy Baker

LACASA DOG RUN: Photograph featured in the Detroit News article about LACASA’s Safe Pet Place. (Photo taken by Brandy Baker, Detroit News)

APRIL 16, 2014 – The Detroit News released an article about LACASA’s Safe Pet Place this week on page one of the publication.

The story discusses a national trend of domestic violence shelters: opening, or working to open, on-site facilities that house the family pets of victims.

For more than a decade, LACASA Center has had a Safe Pet Place. Our two pet facilities were designed when our new facility was being build in 2001. We opened our Safe Pet Place in 2002. Until this year, we were the only Crisis Shelter in Michigan to offer this program.

LACASA Center paid attention to the early research that revealed abusers often threatened to harm or even kill family pets as a way of controlling victims. The LACASA board and staff felt it was essential to provide on-site facilities for victims’ pets.

LACASA SURVIVOR: Jody talked with the Detroit News about her experience with LACASA's Safe Pet Place

LACASA SURVIVOR: Jody talked with the Detroit News about her experience with LACASA’s Safe Pet Place (Detroit News Photo by Brandy Baker)

Studies show that victims often delay leaving an abusive situation for fear of their pets’ safety.

Since our Safe Pet Place opened, we have housed dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, fish, birds, and a variety of reptiles. In certain cases, we’ve made arrangements to secure a victim’s livestock.  

Victims and their children benefit from our Safe Pet Place. They are able to spend time with their pets and are comforted that their pets are out of harm’s way. 

As our President & CEO, Bobette Schrandt, said in the News article, “Pets have a very calming effect. They help to relax people and reduce anxiety. Also, the victim is caring for a living being, so it reminds them they have value.”

We would like to thank our survivors who volunteered to speak with the Detroit News and agreed to have photographs taken of themselves or their pets.

LACASA also would like to thank the Detroit News, as well as News reporter Lauren Abdel-Razzaq, and News photographer Brandy Baker for covering this story.

Read the digital Detroit News Article >>

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