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Awareness. Education. Prevention.

At LACASA Center, we provide a comprehensive series of classes, workshops and programs aimed at preventing child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Our Education & Prevention initiatives are offered for parents, families, child caregivers, professionals working with children, and students of all ages in schools throughout the community. 

Classes for Parents

Healthy Families Livingston A home visiting program for new parents

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis program offers new parents a long-term resource person they can count on for help raising a healthy family. Home visits are provided by family support workers and parents attend ongoing workshops and support groups.

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The Healthy Families program is sponsored by the Kellogg Family Foundation, Michigan Children’s Trust Fund, and Livingston County United Way.

Nurturing ParentingFor parents of newborns through age 11

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This 8-week, award-winning program teaches parents about empathy, appropriate expectations, and positive discipline. 

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The Nurturing Parenting program is sponsored by the Kellogg Family Foundation.


‘Fathers Only’ Program — For fathers, step-fathers and male role models

LAC CLFC AfAmDadTeenSonsWoods shutterstockFathers, step-fathers and male caregivers meet for 8-weeks to discuss the challenges of parenthood and learn tools and techniques to create strong, nurturing bonds with their children.  

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The Fathers Only program is sponsored by the Kellogg Family Foundation.


Classes for the Community

Stewards of ChildrenPreventing child sexual abuse

Offered by LACASA’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council, this evidence-based workshop teaches adults 5 critical steps for preventing, recognizing and reacting responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Led by trained facilitators, this 3-hour workshop is a must for teachers, parents, child care providers, recreational sports organizations, and adults who work or volunteer with children.

Created by the national Darkness to Light organization, the program utilizes video, a workbook and group discussions to foster education and awareness.

Workshops are offered throughout the year. Watch our website or call Holly Naylor, LACASA’s CAP Council Coordinator, to learn about upcoming programs at 517-548-1350.

‘Baby B Safe’ Infant Safety Class — For parents & child caregivers

CAP sleep-infant-cribThis class is one hour in length and is taught by Gail Faler, CAP Council member and retired nurse. During the class you will learn how to keep your baby safe while sleeping and what to do if your baby won’t stop crying.

We designed this class for expectant and new parents, grandparents, child caregivers, and anyone who cares for or babysits infants. Please contact Holly Naylor if you are interested in attending this class or scheduling a class at your daycare or other organization, at:

Mandated Reporter TrainingRecognizing and reporting child abuse

Professionals learn the signs and symptoms of abuse, the legal and moral obligations to report suspected abuse, and what happens inside CPS once a report is filed.

LACASA’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council works with staff members from Livingston County Children’s Protective Services (CPS) to offer this workshop.

Sessions are hosted throughout the year. Watch our website or contact Holly Naylor, LACASA’s CAP Council Coordinator, at 517-548-1350.

Shaken Baby Syndrome  For middle and high school students

This workshop teaches middle school and high school students about the Period of Purple Crying — a normal stage of infant development when a baby won’t stop crying.

The program teaches how to care for a baby that continues to cry. The program utilizes video and oral presentations, along with demonstrations using a life-like doll, to explain why you should never, ever shake a baby!

Workshops are the length of a regular class hour and are an ideal addition to curricula for health, life skills and child development classes.

FASD Workshop (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) For middle school and high school students

This workshop teaches middle school and high school students about the life-long damage that can result for an unborn child whose mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are an array of disorders including mental retardation, learning and behavior problems, organ dysfunction, and physical and neurological deficits caused by fetal alcohol exposure.

This workshop utilizes video and oral presentations along with a life-like doll for demonstrations. The program is the length of a regular class hour and is an ideal addition to curricula for health, life skills and child development classes.

Livingston County Early Education

CAP Program Chester the CatChester’s Solution – For preschool and early-elementary children

Chester the Cat has a fluffy tail that everyone wants to touch. The problem? He doesn’t like people touching his tail.

This workshop focuses on teaching pre-school and early elementary age students about personal boundaries and their right to say “no” to unwanted touch.

For more information, contact Holly Naylor, LACASA’s CAP Council Coordinator, at 517-548-1350.

School-Wide Programs in Livingston County

Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students)

Project SUCCESS is a collaborative program designed to prevent and reduce substance use among students 12 – 18 years of age.

Trained prevention specialists provide a full range of substance abuse prevention and early intervention services.

Project SUCCESS encompasses:

Individual & Group Education Sessions — Counselors meet with students on an individual basis; students may participate in educational support groups

School-Wide Awareness Activities — A variety of programs, activities and campaigns are developed to help students become more aware about the risks and dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drug use

Parent Awareness & Education — Parents collaborate with members of Project SUCCESS to increase prevention awareness among parents and the community

Referral and Case Management — Resources are provided for students and families who require additional assistance and resources, including those for substance abuse and mental health issues

These services are offered through the Livingston Community Prevention Project, a collaborative partnership that includes Karen Bergbower & Associates, Key Development Center, Inc., LACASA, and Livingston County Catholic Charities.

Funding is provided by the Washtenaw Community Health Organization and the Michigan Department of Community Health/Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services.

For Organizations

LACASA provides programs for businesses, agencies and organizations to improve responses and increase awareness about child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Services include consultations, trainings and educational programs.

For more information, contact Nicole Matthews-Creech, LACASA’s Community Education Director, at 517-548-1350 or email her at



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