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Your Gift to LACASA Is Tripled in 2015

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35th Anniversary Giving Challenge
 Your Donation is Tripled  
$1 = $3 
A generous anonymous donor is helping us launch our 35th anniversary celebration by matching every dollar you donate in 2015 with two additional dollars. That means your donation will have triple the impact for victims and survivors from our community.
LACASA was established as a nonprofit organization in 1981. In 2016, we celebrate 35 years of helping victims of abuse and interpersonal violence from our community.
 Our Annual Appeal Message to You
from Mike Murphy, LACASA Chair
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Dear Friend of LACASA,

This has been an amazing year with many wonderful things happening thanks to the support we’ve received from generous friends and community partners like you. We launched a new College Safe seminar for high school seniors preparing to leave home for the first time. We created a Call Us First campaign to encourage sexual assault victims to reach out for help. We welcomed a unique new staff member. These are just a few of the ways we have put your contributions to work to prevent interpersonal violence and empower survivors.

Only with your help can LACASA continue to provide critical services at no cost to victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. Now, as we near 2016 and prepare to celebrate 35 years of serving Livingston County families in need, I am excited to invite you to participate in an incredible Anniversary Challenge.

A generous LACASA donor will match every single dollar you donate with two additional dollars which will triple the impact of your contribution this year.  

I’ll tell you more about the challenge in a moment. First, I’d like to share with you a quick story about our new canine staff member and the difference she is making in victims’ lives.


Introducing Penny – The newest member of LACASA’s team

Dog Canine Advocacy Program SealLast summer, 10-year-old Kyle was scared. He was scheduled to testify about abuses he endured at the hands of people entrusted to love and care for him. Kyle didn’t know he would make a special new friend the day he went to court.

Kyle first met Penny before the trial in a conference room at the courthouse. 

He had a chance to pet and talk to her. He watched the way her handler tapped her thigh and said, “Come on, Penny. Let’s go,” when it was time to leave the conference room and head into the courtroom.

Penny stayed by Kyle’s side in the witness box. Her handler, who sat nearby, noticed Penny let out a couple of quiet whimpers during the boy’s testimony.

Later, when the attorneys from both sides approached the bench and began to argue, Penny’s handler distracted Kyle by telling him the dog needed some attention. Kyle quickly responded, speaking softly to Penny and stroking her fur, unaware of the disagreement going on beside him.

At the end of his testimony, when the judge told Kyle he could step down from the witness stand, the brave young boy stood, tapped his thigh and said, “Come on, Penny. Let’s go!”

Back in the conference room, Kyle hugged Penny and patted her on the head. Penny’s handler told Kyle she hoped it didn’t bother him that Penny was making noise while they were in the courtroom.

“It’s okay,” said Kyle, hugging her again. “I think Penny was as nervous as I was!”

Penny is the new Advocacy Dog acquired by LACASA this year, thanks to your help. Her calming presence in the courtroom, and during difficult child forensic interviews, can make it easier for victims to talk about what happened to them. This helps begin the healing process and makes it more likely that abusers will be convicted and justice will be served.


            LACASA 35th Anniversary Challenge

                 As I mentioned earlier, a generous LACASA donor has offered to triple the impact of every dollar we receive. We must raise $35,000. When we reach that goal, our donor will contribute an additional $70,000 for a total of $105,000.

My personal challenge to you: Help LACASA raise $35,000 for 35 years of service!

 Where will my money go?

LACASA is an independent non-profit agency. We rely on fundraising events and private donations to provide crucial programs and services that are not funded by grants.

Donating to LACASA means 100% of your contribution stays local. I shared information with you about some of the important new programs made possible by past support from our friends in the community. In addition to sustaining those programs, dollars you donate this year will ensure the continuation of these vital programs:

  • CARE (Child Abuse Response Effort) Project. This program assures abused children are interviewed only once during the investigative process, while members of law enforcement, legal and social service agencies observe from behind a one-way mirror. Your dollars enable us to reduce trauma to victimized children.
  • Support for Domestic Violence Victims and their Children. Your contribution will help clothe and feed victims who are forced to flee from their homes to the safety of our shelter with few personal belongings.
  • Sexual Assault Response Center. LACASA provides a private setting for victims to be seen by nurses specially trained to examine adult and child victims. Our nurses are on-call 24/7.
  • Parent Education & Prevention Programs. LACASA educators teach parents, school personnel, child care providers and other professionals to prevent child abuse and teach adolescents about healthy relationships.

Please help today

Your generosity provides victims with immediate support in times of crisis. It helps victims become survivors. It gives parents and child caregivers the tools they need to raise children who are happy, healthy and whole. Your generosity creates a stronger, safer community for all of us.

Please give to LACASA today, and know that every dollar you donate will have triple the impact!

Warm thanks,

Mike Murphy

LACASA Board of Directors Chair, Livingston County Undersheriff

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