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Key Plastics Helps ‘Wipe Out Abuse’

LACASA Key Plastics Volunteers.Group Photo 10.6.2015

OCTOBER, 2015 — LACASA Center was the recent recipient of a month-long donation drive held at Key Plastics of Howell.

The “Wipe Out Abuse” campaign at Key Plastics encouraged more than 400 employees to contribute paper products, diapers and other items to benefit survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault who receive services at LACASA.  

“Our hope was to assist a local organization that helped people in their times of need. Key Plastics is impressed with the many different types of assistance LACASA offers, from protecting child abuse victims, to providing shelter for families in crisis.” said Joe Bourassa, Plant Manager of Key Plastics-Howell. 

LACASA Key Plastics Semi Truck Unloading 10.6.2015“We have a lot of great people here at Key Plastics. From press operator to management support, it amazes me how much they care. We’re proud of our team here at Key Plastics, Howell division for the efforts they put into helping a wonderful organization like LACASA.” said Bourassa.

In addition to depositing items into several large collection bins located throughout the Key Plastics facility, employees raised money with a bake sale featuring unique items like homemade maple bacon cupcakes and handmade chocolate creations.

In total, Key Plastics employees donated $3000 in much-needed items from LACASA’s Wish List. The company then contributed another $2500 to purchase additional items for the agency.

“We have been astounded by the level of support from Key Plastics and its employees,” said Bobette Schrandt, LACASA’s president and CEO. “This company fosters a strong community culture and employs wonderful, caring individuals. We are so grateful for everything they have done to help us help families in need.”

Twenty staff members from Key Plastics assisted with a special delivery to LACASA this week, unloading a semi-truck filled with donated paper products, dry goods, canned goods, water, and personal care supplies for local victims of interpersonal violence.

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