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LACASA Launches New Mobile Website

lac MOBILE HIPPOLACASA recently launched a new mobile website. Designed and created by Mobile Hippo of Howell, the smartphone accessible micro site enables visitors to access critical information easily and connect with LACASA’s 24/7 Help Line at the touch of a button.

“We are grateful to Mobile Hippo for developing this digital site. It accommodates the special needs of victims, survivors and the community at large,” said Robin L. O’Grady, LACASA Communications Director.

“Keeping up with technology is a challenge for nonprofits with limited staff and budgets,” O’Grady said. “We would not have been able to develop a mobile site without the hard work of the talented Mobile Hippo team.”

Mobile Hippo was established in 2012 by Derek Crandall, Steve Russell and Robert Paquette. The team envisioned a company that would help small businesses enter this new platform. 

“The majority of big businesses are rushing to serve customers via mobile websites,” said Steve Russell. “Our mission is to help small businesses compete on the mobile landscape.”

Statistics show that mobile websites are the fastest growing consumer tech segment. In 2012, mobile internet browsing jumped 129 percent. The trend is expected to increase dramatically as consumers across the globe access websites via small-screen platforms. 

“The majority of web access on mobile is local and informational,” said Russell. “This creates a large opportunity for small businesses.”

Mobile Hippo works with area companies to create customized micro sites that give consumers quick access to information on the go. The mobile websites are designed to offer relevant facts instantly such as touch-of-a-button phone numbers, hours of operation, locations and maps, current specials, and discount coupons.

“Regular websites are designed to be viewed on a large screen,” said O’Grady. “Mobile sites are designed for small-screen viewing. They offer consumers intuitive options in large fonts and easy to explore sections.”

“Gone are the days when visitors will have to spend precious time clicking on a variety of links and enlarging pages to find what they are looking for,” O’Grady said. “Mobile sites eliminate wasted time and a lot of frustration.”

Mobile Hippo collaborates with small business owners to develop micro sites that can be easily updated and maintained. Customers can build their own sites or have the experts at Mobile Hippo do it for them. The result is a mobile-friendly version of an organization’s desk-top website.

“The team at Mobile Hippo are great to work with,” said O’Grady. “They make the transition process easy.”

For more information about Mobile Hippo, check out their website or call to make a consultation appointment. This new start-up has a fun office environment that is worth seeing!







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