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Lasco Ford Hosts Dress Drive in September

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Give your gently-worn prom gowns and party dresses a chance to be re-loved at Cinderella’s Closet boutique.

Lasco Ford of Fenton is hosting a Party Dress Donation Drive for Cinderella’s Closet now through September, 2013. The dealership will be contributing $5 to Cinderella’s Closet for every dress donated during the drive.

CC Jamie Lasco Matt Lasco Hollie 2013

Supporters of LACASA’s Cinderella’s Closet Jamie Lasco (left) and Matt Lasco with Hollie Heikkinen, program chair, during a recent Saturday dress drive event.

The boutique also invites young women to sign the “Party Promise,” a pledge to stay substance free during school celebrations.

Cinderella’s Closet builds awareness among high school girls about the dangers of alcohol and drugs and their link to dating abuse and interpersonal violence.

LACASA’s goal for the program is to ensure that young ladies stay safe and clear headed on their special storybook evenings.

Team up with Lasco Ford and donate a fairytale-come-true dress for charity!

cc Lasco Ford LOGO resized gif  LOCATION:

  2525 Owen Road, Fenton     Phone 888-960-1483

    Learn about Cinderella’s Closet Fall 2013 >> 

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