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Local Verizon Store Owner Supports Program

SUPPORTER PRESENTS CHECK: Steve Bloom, owner of Howell-area Verizon Wireless stores presents donation to Sue Swartz, board member of our Child Abuse Prevention Council

SUPPORTER PRESENTS CHECK: Steve Bloom, owner of Howell-area Verizon Wireless stores, presents donation to Sue Swartz, board member of LACASA’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council

Local entrepreneur Steve Bloom, owner of the Howell Verizon Wireless Zone stores, presented a check this month for $3,000 to LACASA’s CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) Council.

The check was awarded as part of a community grant program through the Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving. This grant funding will be utilized to support the CAP Council’s Stewards of Children program.

Stewards of Children is a national evidence-based workshop that teaches adults critical steps to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

“Current research suggests that one in ten children are victims of sexual abuse before their eighteenth birthdays,” said CAP Council Director, Deanna Norris.

“The good news is that adults armed with knowledge, strategies for prevention and a solid response plan have the power to help protect children they know and love from experiencing this type of abuse,” Norris said.

Funding from the Wireless Zone Foundation, and support from Bloom, have enabled the CAP Council to train hundreds of Livingston County residents and professionals, free of charge, during the past five years.

“It is estimated that for every average adult trained with this program, ten children are less likely to become victims,” said Norris. “Our ability to train hundreds of individuals with this program in recent years means that support from Verizon and the Wireless Zone Foundation is having a huge impact in our community.”

Stewards of Children workshops are ideal for school personnel, child care providers, child and family service agencies, parent groups, and any adults who work or volunteer with children.

To schedule a free Stewards of Children workshop for your school or organization, contact LACASA’s CAP Council at (517) 548-1350, ext. 287.

Serving Livingston County for more than 34 years, the CAP Council is a program of LACASA and is a designated local council of the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund. The CAP Council is funded, in part, by the Livingston County United Way.

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