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LACASA Teen Council Creates Campaign

LACASA's Teen SA Poster 2014

CAMPAIGN POSTER: Our Teen Advisory Council developed this campaign poster for distribution in high schools throughout Livingston County during March ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LACASA’s Teen Advisory Council

Creates Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign 

MARCH, 2014 — Our Teen Advisory Council launches a new campaign in area high schools this month to raise awareness about issues surrounding sexual assault.

The “No Means…” campaign incorporates the messages: “No excuses. No blurred lines.” and directly challenges  sentiments expressed in the popular song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Critics have labeled the song’s lyrics “pro-rape” and “blatantly disrespectful of women.”  (Thicke and Miley Cyrus performed a duet of Blurred Lines at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, sparking a national controversy.)  

WHMI Viewpoint: Listen to an interview with our teens about the campaign

Teen SA School Box V2 2014Campaign Development

“We wanted to create a campaign that spoke to teens,” said Kayla Dillon, a member of the Teen Advisory Council. “It is important that young people feel supported in their choices. When it comes to unwanted advances, there are no blurred lines. No means no.” 

LACASA’s Teen Advisory Council includes 11 members from area high schools. The group collaborated for four months to create the campaign.

“There are so many confusing messages on digital and social media,” said Kayla Breckenridge, another member of the council. “Our campaign lets teens know that it is a basic human right to set physical boundaries and that the violation of those boundaries is a crime.”

lac Teen SA Student Box FinalCouncil member Rachel Walker directed the campaign photo shoot and developed the graphic design elements for the poster series. “We wanted to create a campaign that would capture students’ attention and convey a powerful message,” said Walker.

Campaign materials include a poster series, fact sheets, a wallet-size informational brochure, and various multimedia programs. Students also will receive lip balm tubes imprinted with the campaign message “No excuses. No blurred lines.” 

LACASA plans a number of special prevention and awareness activities in the schools throughout the spring semester. 

 “Our Teen Advisory Council is committed to raising awareness about sexual assault,” said Nicole Matthews-Creech, LACASA community education director. “The campaign they developed addresses a national trend that scoffs at boundaries, makes excuses for assailants, and casts blame on victims.”

Resources Available for Teens

“This campaign lets students know that LACASA has a 24-hour Help Line for teens — or their friends — to call with questions and concerns,” Creech said, who mentors the council. “It also makes young people aware that LACASA has a private and confidential Sexual Assault Response Center staffed by specially-trained nurse examiners.”

SPECIAL TEAR-OFF POSTERS: The teen council developed a series of restroom posters that allow students to tear off LACASA contact information or take a photo for reference

POSTER SERIES: The teen council developed a series of restroom posters that allow students to tear off contact information or snap a photo for future reference

LACASA’s Sexual Assault Response Center provides all services at no charge for victims and survivors of sexual assault, as well as for family members and friends who may need counseling support.

Forensic examinations at the center are performed by Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in a compassionate environment away from a public emergency room setting. Counseling services and support groups also are available.

Alarming Statistics

Statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault in their lifetime. 

“Young people are the most vulnerable,” said Creech. “We know that 80 percent of sexual assaults and attempted assaults are committed against victims age 30 and under.”

Sexual assaults on college campuses continue to rise, according to Creech. “More than two-thirds of sexual assault victims know, or are acquainted with, their assailants,” said Creech.

“It is critical that we help prepare and protect our young people with preventative information before they head off to college or into the work world,” Creech said.

“We want to commend the high schools in our county in their efforts to help prevent sexual assault, a crime that has become an epidemic in our nation,” said Creech.

“It is empowering for the teen council and their classmates to know that the schools support information-sharing about this serious issue,” Creech said.

To receive campaign materials, contact Nicole Matthews-Creech at 517-548-1350, or email her at:

WHMI Viewpoint: Listen to an interview with our teens about the campaign

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