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You are not alone. You are not to blame.

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Our Sexual Assault Response Center is Private and Confidential

If you have been sexual assaulted or raped, call our Help Line at 866-522-21725. We will provide immediate support.

LACASA Center has launched a “Call Us First” campaign, encouraging sexual assault victims to reach out for help by calling us first following an assault. We can coordinate every aspect of your care and help guide you through important decisions. 

SANE Icon Badge 8.2015 V3 FINALThe Call Us First campaign is being conducted in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and area hospitals.

Research shows that victims often do not seek the help they need because they are intimidated to have the police be their first point of contact. They also are fearful that they will be seen by someone they know if they go to a public emergency room.

In fact, more than 80 percent of sexual assault victims never tell anyone about the crime. We do not want this trend to continue in Livingston County.

Our Call Us First campaign is designed to ease the shame and self-blame that often follows a sexual assault, and to encourage victims to seek help at LACASA. (Learn more about our Call Us First campaign.)

When you come to our Sexual Assault Response Center, our Nurse Examiners are specially trained in responding to all aspects of sexual assault trauma. They will ensure that you receive confidential and compassionate care in a respectful setting.

Unlike hospitals, which are required to notify and bill your health insurance company, we never involve insurance companies. All our services for victims of sexual assault are completely confidential and provided at no charge. 

LACASA nurses are part of the national Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program, which teaches nurses unique skills when responding to cases of sexual assault, sexual abuse and rape. They also are experts at forensic evidence gathering.

Upon your arrival at our Sexual Assault Response Center, our advocates will provide essential information and support as you make critical decisions about forensic examinations and speaking with law enforcement.

LACASA’s On-Call Response Team will support you during the immediate aftermath of your trauma, and our advocates will provide ongoing support as you recover from your experience.

If you are not ready to return home following the assault, you may consider a stay of recovery at our Crisis Shelter, or our advocates may assist you by providing information on resources, next steps and safety.

Please Note: You may come to us for support and counseling any time after your assault, however, forensic exams must be conducted within 120 hours of a sexual assault. 

Our services are available at no charge for female and male sexual assault victims age 12 and up.  

LACASA’s Help Line is open 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year, at 866-522-2725.

You do not have to face this experience by yourself. 

We listen. We care.


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