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Trauma Assessments & Consults: Eligibility


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Livingston County Trauma Informed Assessments

Who Is Eligible?

A child who meets these criteria may receive a trauma informed consultation:

  • Child is a resident of Livingston County or in the county’s jurisdiction
  • Child is considered to have a SED — Serious Emotional Disorder (SED is defined as a diagnosable mental, behavioral or emotional disorder)
  • Child is age infant to 18 years old 
  • Child has experienced trauma, abuse or neglect

A child  who meets the above criteria and one of these criteria may receive a trauma informed assessment:

  • Is in—or at risk of—an out of home placement due to their behavior
  • Is receiving or has received services from multiple systems or agencies
  • Is receiving services but behavior continues to escalate or child is not benefiting from those services

Following a consultation, the team may recommend a full or partial assessment.







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