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United Way recognizes LACASA with two awards

Nicole Matthews Creech, LACASA's United Way chairperson, and Bobette Schrandt, LACASA's president and CEO, show off the awards given to LACASA by the Livingston County United Way.

LACASA received two awards at the 35th Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Breakfast held by the United Way Thursday, March 15, 2012.

A “100 Percent Club” award was given to LACASA for full agency participation in the United Way’s 2011 fundraising campaign. LACASA also received an “Employee Excellence Award.”

Under the direction of Bobette Schrandt, LACASA’s president and CEO, this is the fourth consecutive year the nonprofit agency has earned an employee excellence award.

“It is an honor to have the United Way recognize our employees for their commitment and dedication,” Schrandt said.

LACASA’s United Way Campaign Chair, Nicole Matthews-Creech, directed the nonprofit’s internal fundraising drive. “We were thrilled to have 100 percent participation in our fundraising drive for United Way this year,” said Creech.

“United Way does so much for us…and for so many nonprofits in Livingston County,” Creech said. “It is a privilege to lead this holiday fundraising event each year.”

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