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Dedication and Commitment

Our Volunteers Make a Difference

LACASA is privileged to have a dedicated group of volunteers who give of their time—and their hearts. They are committed to helping better the lives of abused children and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Livingston County.
Services to our clients are provided at no charge, and it is our team of LACASA volunteers who help make this possible. Our volunteers received extensive training.
We invite you to explore our volunteer opportunities. Find out where your talents and unique interests would make the most difference. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole, via email or phone today about how you can help.

LACASA 2010-2011
The Power of Volunteerism
Our volunteers worked: 19,287 hours 1,157,254 minutes
Their dedicated service saved LACASA: $216,978

Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Assistance
Front desk receptionist
Office organization
Data entry duties
Event fundraising
Special event activities
Grant research & writing
Database maintenance
Graphic design
Nonprofit research
Distribute brochures, posters
Social media assistance
Children’s Program
Assist with special activities
Attend special event outings
Provide respite child care
Prevention/Community Education
Host information booth
Speaker’s Bureau presentations
Perform research
Participate in community action groups
Create PowerPoint presentations
Facility Maintenance
Clean/organize children’s center
Organize shelter areas
Maintain grounds & gardens
Perform building maintenance
On-Call Response Team
Respond to domestic violence or sexual assault incidents
Comfort and aid survivors with decision making
Crisis Center
Handle Crisis Line calls
Handle business calls
Assist shelter residents

LACASA & CASA Work Together

Who is a CASA volunteer?
LACACA collaborates with the CASA (Court Appointed Child Advocate) organization to train, cultivate and inspire a team of dedicated volunteers.

CASA volunteers are ordinary citizens, specially trained, and appointed by Family Court Judges to speak up for our most vulnerable children.

CASA volunteers are respected and trusted sources of crucial information. A CASA volunteer will research the case, assess the facts, identify key problems, and submit court reports. They will take the time to find out in-depth information about the child from relatives, neighbors, teacher, and friends in order to provide objective information to the Family Court judge.

Volunteers attend hearings, provide insight to the judge and recommend actions in the best interest of the child. They work in partnership with attorneys and foster care workers as appointed officers of the court.

As a LACASA/CASA volunteer, you may be the only consistent adult a child has to depend on throughout their case. Some cases last years.

Consider becoming a LACASA/CASA volunteer. You can be a child’s voice. You can change a child’s life.

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